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The Post-fact Era: Economic Elite Determine What You Think

The word media comes from intermediate, operating between the news makers and the public. The propagandists are winning in the digital world of the ‘post-fact era’. The attention economy has transformed itself into the misinformation economy in which it is … Continue reading

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The Penalization of Poverty in a Class System

Almost all of the British economists of the late 18th century said when you have poverty, when you have a transfer of wealth to the rich, you are going to have shorter life spans. After the collapse of the former … Continue reading

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Ideas Have Consequences: the Explosion of Inequality

Capitalist classes once believed in the idea that Keynesian economic policies, including redistribution of wealth within the system, guaranteed strong and sustained growth. Then they took advantage of economic crisis to change the system. By the 1970s, when high inflation … Continue reading

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