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Analysis of the Economic System Through the Lens of COVID-19

Crisis moments present opportunities for change; there is a loss of innocence and complacency. The COVID-19 pandemic causes a decline in “polarization” as various communities focus on a “common enemy” with a new collective approach to handling threats. Established relationship … Continue reading

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How Pandemics Can Create Change

The Black Death of the 14th century not only shook Italian society, but transformed it. It marked the end of an era in Italy and resulted in wide-ranging social economic, cultural and religious changes. This led to the emergence of … Continue reading

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Wages Stopped Rising: Unraveling the Libertarian Movement

The first well-developed statement of libertarianism, An Agreement of the People (1647), was produced by the radical republican Leveler movement during the English Civil Wars (1642–51). Presented to Parliament in 1649, it included the ideas of self-ownership, private property, legal … Continue reading

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