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About the Paradigm Shift Created by the COVID Pandemic

A paradigm is our perception of reality, our view of the world. It is our interpretation of events based on previous teaching we have received. When physicist Thomas Kuhn introduced the concept in 1962 he wanted people to think of … Continue reading

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The Wakeup Call for Everyone to Assemble on Public Streets

The pandemic is a wake-up call that markets do not regulate themselves. Overall, neoliberalism failed to deliver what was promised and led to disappointing results on many accounts. It became clear that marketization does not always translate into a better … Continue reading

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Individualism and Social Fragmentation Are the Basis of the Social Policy of the Populist Right

Social policy has served as a powerful magnet for both political rage and mobilization within the contemporary global context of rising right‐wing populist and authoritarian politics. Social policy is also conventionally considered to encompass several related areas such as housing … Continue reading

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An Analysis of Existential Threats and the COVID-19 Pandemic

This analysis critiques the early response of the economic troika – the EU, China and US – to a threat. The RAND Corporation’s Center for Global Risk and Security in the early 2000s ranked threats as existential, serious and nuisance. … Continue reading

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How Pandemics Can Create Change

The Black Death of the 14th century not only shook Italian society, but transformed it. It marked the end of an era in Italy and resulted in wide-ranging social economic, cultural and religious changes. This led to the emergence of … Continue reading

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