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We Need to Construct a New Politics of Truth

How do we approach the era of fake news? The contemporary neoliberal “regime of truth,” to use a term from Michel Foucault, greatly influences the ways in which knowledge is being interpreted and implemented. Disinformation and new propaganda can take … Continue reading

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Libertarian and postmodernist ideas can be used to legitimate political and social inaction

Postmodernism made it respectable to be cynical about truth and facts and helped create an environment in which there is less pushback against populist ideas – like a body with a depressed immune system. The obsession of the libertarian with … Continue reading

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Alienation is the Catalyst for Social Change to Create a Healthy Middle Class

Hegel’s theory is basically that mankind is merely a series of constant philosophical conflicts. That Hegel was in some sense a critic of social contract theory is beyond dispute. The social contract theory maintained that in organized society the individual … Continue reading

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The Relation of Truth to Power

Each system defines its own variant of truth. Power manipulates human beings, masks reality, and therefore compromises knowledge’s claim to the truth. Ideas become ideology once they are integrated into our everyday activities, where they become normalized and naturalized (thus … Continue reading

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Collective Bargaining and the Service Industry

Neoliberal fiscal austerity policies decrease public expenditure through cuts to central and local government budgets, welfare services and benefits, and privatization of public resources resulting in job losses. While unemployment is not exclusive to the homeless, it is a common … Continue reading

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