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How Individualism Supports the Underlying Structures of the Power Elite

It seems like there are two conditions that must be met for something to be a lie: there must be a falsehood and that falsehood must be presented with the intent to deceive. Hyperbole, exaggeration and sarcasm may, strictly speaking, … Continue reading

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Libertarian and postmodernist ideas can be used to legitimate political and social inaction

Postmodernism made it respectable to be cynical about truth and facts and helped create an environment in which there is less pushback against populist ideas – like a body with a depressed immune system. The obsession of the libertarian with … Continue reading

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The Connection Between Ethics, Morality and Inequality

Ethics is concerned with what is good for individuals and society and is also described as moral philosophy. Ethical comes from the Greek ethos “moral character” and describes a person or behavior as right in the moral sense – truthful, … Continue reading

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