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On the Rationalization of Inequality

Voltaire observed, “One day everything will be well. Everything is fine today. That is our illusion.” Illusion is the ability to manipulate how other people perceive reality. What began in September 2011 as a small group of protesters camping out … Continue reading

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On Virtual Feudalism

During the Age of Enlightenment people believed that the reasoning of men could free them of their ills, and lead to peace, security and good government. It was believed that reason would ensure the progress of humanity, and change the … Continue reading

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The End of History – A Journey

The Enlightenment was a movement to displace the dogged adherence to established opinions and customs, and to enlighten a population the system had kept in the dark. Voltaire (1694-1778) relied upon his books to spread the light (knowledge) across Europe. Georg … Continue reading

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On the Equality of Taxation

The Age of Enlightenment of the 18th century saw the intellectual maturation of the humanist belief in reason as the supreme guiding principle in the affairs of mankind. The Enlightenment introduced critical thinking to replace the dead weight of tradition … Continue reading

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