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Opportunities Lost: The True Cost of the American Dream

The “American Dream” has always been about the prospect of success, but 100 years ago, the phrase meant the opposite of what it does now. The original “American Dream” was not a dream of individual wealth; it was a dream … Continue reading

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The Wall is a Symbol of Nationalism and the Trump Presidency

With neoliberalism patently destructive, floundering or failing there have been various responses around the word. Neoliberal globalization wreaks havoc on the working class and the poor, particularly in Central America, leaving them ill-equipped to survive a global economic downturn and … Continue reading

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In Steve Bannon’s Brave New World Populism Is a Smoke Screen

Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, published in 1932, describes an intelligence-based social hierarchy and social conditioning that creates a utopian society. Steve Bannon sows disinformation in order to create alternative facts that support his ‘globalist’ conspiracy theory. Steve Bannon’s brave … Continue reading

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