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Unitarian and Social Anarchist Ideas Could Complement One Another

More and more people are asking why laissez-faire economics does not appear to work, and are questioning the theories that support the free market system. This brings the neoliberal project under scrutiny, including the necessity for less taxes and regulation. … Continue reading

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Today’s Social Hierarchy Requires Reframing the Narrative on Inequality

Social mobility isn’t actually randomly distributed across society; it’s actually concentrated in a particular subgroup, and in particular it’s concentrated among those who are already fairly high up in the hierarchy. Social mobility, or movement up or down the social … Continue reading

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Fear and Uncertainty: the Foundation of Political Power Today

It is the fear of the nation state as a democratic force that underpins the neoliberal project. In the 21st century the myth of the market hinges on the illusion of a supposedly natural order in the economic realm. For … Continue reading

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