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We Must Reign in the Plutocracy to Close the Gap

The job of the politician in a plutocracy is always to find the line that provides the lowest level of pay, security, housing, consumer protection, health care and political access for society so that the economic elite can extract and … Continue reading

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We Need to Construct a New Politics of Truth

How do we approach the era of fake news? The contemporary neoliberal “regime of truth,” to use a term from Michel Foucault, greatly influences the ways in which knowledge is being interpreted and implemented. Disinformation and new propaganda can take … Continue reading

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Big Data Accountability and the Challenge of Institutional Discrimination

Discrimination can include comments, actions or decisions that make people feel unwelcome or uncomfortable, based on their identity or ability. It can also include policies, rules, and ways of doing things that knowingly or unknowingly disadvantage some groups of people, … Continue reading

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