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The Urgent Need to Investigate Chronic Dementia

In the 17th century, even though peasants were strong, healthy and robust, they wanted to emulate the powerful and elite and be “refined” like the rich. This was the milieu in which processed food was born and glorified. Sugar had … Continue reading

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Analysis of the Economic System Through the Lens of COVID-19

Crisis moments present opportunities for change; there is a loss of innocence and complacency. The COVID-19 pandemic causes a decline in “polarization” as various communities focus on a “common enemy” with a new collective approach to handling threats. Established relationship … Continue reading

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Removing Barriers to Good Health

In 1986 a World Health Organization (WHO) statement stated that in order to reach a state of health “an individual or group must be able to realize aspirations and satisfy needs, and to change or cope with the environment.” Health … Continue reading

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