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Seeking an Answer on How to Leave Behind the Decay of Neoliberalism

The policy-making elite have waved away the notion that they were acting ideologically, rather merely doing what works. But you can only get away with that claim if what you are doing is actually working. Since the crash, central bankers, … Continue reading

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It is Necessary to Push Back on Partisans Who Insist on Binary Thinking

A general principle is that all cognitive and emotional awareness operates by a binary-processing system. This “base-two” compass is an integral part of the phenomenology of the mind. The mind has a normal, innate predilection for establishing pairs, emerging as … Continue reading

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Postmodernism Explains Today’s Disarray of Political Manipulation and Deception

Postmodernism challenges all truths and concludes that there is no such thing. If you look closely at atoms and electrons, it is hard to find any mass at all. Similarly, the more closely you challenge scientific and other truths, the … Continue reading

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