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On Understanding the Violence of Poverty

Poverty is a socio-economic issue. Socio-economic issues, factors that can have negative influence on an individuals’ economic activity, includes: lack of education, cultural and religious discrimination, unemployment and corruption. Violence does not cause poverty. Violence is a symptom of poverty. … Continue reading

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Beware: Populism Has Created a Culture of Victimhood

Trump’s victim politics is a complete fraud, an old trick used by economic elite to keep working-class Americans fighting each other rather than focusing on processes to counter the plutocrats who are ripping them off. Trump and his allies stoke … Continue reading

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In response to the fear of change

Know your place – poetry after the Black Death reflected fear of social change. Contemporary moralists complained about those who rose above their allotted station in life and so in 1363 a law was passed that specified the food and … Continue reading

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