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A Response to the Oppression of Top-Down Systems

The Roman Empire came into contact with cultures and religious beliefs of major cultures, and was happy to assimilate any deities they encountered. Rome passed from a Republic to Imperial System when Julius Caesar declared himself Emperor. The Senate disapproved, … Continue reading

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Misinformation: A Tool Used by Cults (and Anti-vaxxers) to Control People

A cult is a group of people who organize around a strong authority figure. Cults, like many other groups, attempt to expand their influence for the purposes of power or money. No one joins a cult; they are recruited by … Continue reading

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Interpreting Darwin’s Work Today

The Enlightenment era ushered in revolutionary ways of thinking. Following Issacc Newton’s discovery of universal gravitation, many believed that by applying reason it would be possible to unlock the laws of the universe. Eighteenth century philosophers believed they had discovered … Continue reading

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The Need to Rebalance Corporate Power in Today’s Democracies

Democracy is a political system of competition for power. Functional democracy is a form of democracy that functions in the interest of the people. Democracy requires the participation of citizens in public life. Citizens have an obligation to become informed … Continue reading

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How the Rich Tap Anarchy and Anger to Manipulate Us

According to Peter Kropotkin, anarchism: “is a name given to a principle or theory of life and conduct under which society is conceived without government – harmony in such a society being obtained, not by the submission to law, or by … Continue reading

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Beware of the Self-deception and Lies of Today’s Narcissists

Skepticism is a critical attitude that treats every claim to truth as up for debate. A skeptical attitude is doubt as to the truth of something. It’s an approach that goes beyond just demanding evidence and, instead, questions the evidence … Continue reading

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Deception in Social Media Freedom Undermines Our Freedom

Georg Hegel (1770-1831) who saw a world governed by individual self-interest believed that we are controlled by external forces, and are nothing but pawns in the game. Hegel believed that we do not perceive the world or anything in it … Continue reading

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On the Limitations of Motivational Interviewing for Jobseekers

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is a style of working with a client that focuses on allowing the client to direct the change rather than telling the client what they need to do. It is about having a conversation about change. It … Continue reading

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How Empowerment Can Drive Real Change

Empowerment has been defined as an intentional ongoing process centered in the local community, involving mutual respect, critical reflection, caring, and group participation, through which people lacking an equal share of valued resources gain greater access to and control over … Continue reading

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About the Paradigm Shift Created by the COVID Pandemic

A paradigm is our perception of reality, our view of the world. It is our interpretation of events based on previous teaching we have received. When physicist Thomas Kuhn introduced the concept in 1962 he wanted people to think of … Continue reading

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