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We Need to Ensure Political Accountability of Elected Officials

Machiavelli placed a large amount of emphasis on the fact that a prince must be seen to be a moral – but he is able act un-morally if it contributes to the good of the state or provides him with … Continue reading

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The Long-lasting Ramifications of the Politics of Resentment and Trumpism

Resentment as a cultural response to economic struggle has political consequences. More than half of US workers are unhappy with their jobs. The frustration you experience by not living the life you imagined is created by the resentment that the … Continue reading

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Overview of Republican Political Philosophy in the 21st Century

The philosophy of Leo Strauss is known to influence the ideology of the Republican Party. Let’s look at two administrations: George W Bush, 43rd president of the United States (2001–09), led his country’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks … Continue reading

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The Role of Metaphors in Current Political Rhetoric

The ability to think metaphorically increases the likelihood that one can appreciate ideas in a new light, which, in turn, may lead to solutions that might not otherwise be anticipated. Aristotle considered metaphor a sign of genius, believing that the … Continue reading

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Beware: Populism Has Created a Culture of Victimhood

Trump’s victim politics is a complete fraud, an old trick used by economic elite to keep working-class Americans fighting each other rather than focusing on processes to counter the plutocrats who are ripping them off. Trump and his allies stoke … Continue reading

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In response to the fear of change

Know your place – poetry after the Black Death reflected fear of social change. Contemporary moralists complained about those who rose above their allotted station in life and so in 1363 a law was passed that specified the food and … Continue reading

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We Must Reign in the Plutocracy to Close the Gap

The job of the politician in a plutocracy is always to find the line that provides the lowest level of pay, security, housing, consumer protection, health care and political access for society so that the economic elite can extract and … Continue reading

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We Need to Construct a New Politics of Truth

How do we approach the era of fake news? The contemporary neoliberal “regime of truth,” to use a term from Michel Foucault, greatly influences the ways in which knowledge is being interpreted and implemented. Disinformation and new propaganda can take … Continue reading

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How Individualism Supports the Underlying Structures of the Power Elite

It seems like there are two conditions that must be met for something to be a lie: there must be a falsehood and that falsehood must be presented with the intent to deceive. Hyperbole, exaggeration and sarcasm may, strictly speaking, … Continue reading

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We Need to Replace the Three Poisons of Neoliberalism

Against the idea that neoliberalism lacks a moral core, let us turn to ideas that were developed during the Iron Age. Buddha defined the three roots of evil or poisons as: greed, hatred and delusion. Greed is also passion. Hatred … Continue reading

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