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Recognizing the Path to Happiness and Good Health

Happiness is not a destination; it is a choice we make. To find happiness with the life you have, and to achieve the goals important to you, you must confront the limitations of the system. “Happiness is the feeling that … Continue reading

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The Long-lasting Ramifications of the Politics of Resentment and Trumpism

Resentment as a cultural response to economic struggle has political consequences. More than half of US workers are unhappy with their jobs. The frustration you experience by not living the life you imagined is created by the resentment that the … Continue reading

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An Approach to Tap the Enthusiasm of Progressive Democrats

To drive change it is necessary to tap into into the energy of progressives and bring back convictions that governments have a role to solve social problems and challenge the oligarchies. The progressive movement focuses on many issues including environmental … Continue reading

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Overview of Republican Political Philosophy in the 21st Century

The philosophy of Leo Strauss is known to influence the ideology of the Republican Party. Let’s look at two administrations: George W Bush, 43rd president of the United States (2001–09), led his country’s response to the September 11 terrorist attacks … Continue reading

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Social Paradox of the Concept of Freedom in the West

Hayek’s view is human cooperation, social order, and economic prosperity are only possible where human freedom is maximized, subject to the constraints of a legal and moral code that demarcate the realms of mine and thine. Freedom of action within … Continue reading

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Social Media Addiction and Its Implications for Your Well-being

Anything that produces pleasure in a person’s brain can lead to addiction. Due to the effect that it has on the brain, social media is addictive both physically and psychologically. According to a new study by Harvard University, self-disclosure on … Continue reading

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Horizontal Violence, the Gig Economy and Today’s Dystopia

The term ‘horizontal violence’ was originally coined by Fanon (1963) to describe intergroup conflict (in colonized Africans) as a result of oppression. This conflict leads to aggressive behavior directed horizontally within the oppressed group, even to the point of murder! … Continue reading

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The Wakeup Call for Everyone to Assemble on Public Streets

The pandemic is a wake-up call that markets do not regulate themselves. Overall, neoliberalism failed to deliver what was promised and led to disappointing results on many accounts. It became clear that marketization does not always translate into a better … Continue reading

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Individualism and Social Fragmentation Are the Basis of the Social Policy of the Populist Right

Social policy has served as a powerful magnet for both political rage and mobilization within the contemporary global context of rising right‐wing populist and authoritarian politics. Social policy is also conventionally considered to encompass several related areas such as housing … Continue reading

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The Role of Metaphors in Current Political Rhetoric

The ability to think metaphorically increases the likelihood that one can appreciate ideas in a new light, which, in turn, may lead to solutions that might not otherwise be anticipated. Aristotle considered metaphor a sign of genius, believing that the … Continue reading

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