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Doubt And Critical Thinking In Elections

Rene Descartes claimed reasoning is an ability that all people have, and this ability that we all have is exactly what we need in order to learn about the world. We don’t need a special upbringing, education or religion. Descartes … Continue reading

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Freedom Exercised As A Means to an End

Hegel developed a philosophy of action in which the spirit is always active in the search of some aim, in realizing one’s potential or self-actualization. Hegel believed history is a progressive realization of freedom. The concept of freedom is one … Continue reading

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On Understanding Fear And Change

Leaders know that the difficulty of overcoming resistance to change, the inertia, the political blockages and entrenched interests in the status quo, is all altered by a crisis. Donald Trump understands this and his chilling language reflects this. During his … Continue reading

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A Conspiracy of the Rich

Thomas More’s life spanned a tumultuous era in European history during the Renaissance with many notable changes that included the emergence of the nation state. Europe and England were still founded on the economic models of feudalism, in which virtually … Continue reading

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The Neocons and Reality

Maureen Finnigan observes, “[Friedrich] Nietzsche assures us that ideal truth and pure reality are illusory, for they are utterly indemonstrable. Inasmuch as absolute truth and reality are unsubstantiated conjectures of the human mind, we are left with our perspective, which … Continue reading

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Part 1 of 2: What is Truth?

During the Enlightenment, as each new idea spread across Europe, it was debated and challenged by other thinkers. Scottish philosopher David Hume (1711-1776), the skeptic, rejected the scope and power of reason in decision-making that Newton’s work had released. Hume … Continue reading

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Choices and Reaching Full Potential

For Aristotle the goal of human life was happiness – the necessary precondition being virtue. Virtue or good involved choices between two opposite evils, it was a midpoint between excess and deficit. For example, courage was a mean between cowardliness … Continue reading

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Self-responsibility and entitlement.

This is a story about one self-responsibility, and two entitlements. There are two main views on the cause of poverty in North America. One view identifies the challenge as systemic and the other as personal. Personal responsibility is the libertarian worldview. … Continue reading

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Skepticsm and Change

The introduction of change. In order to introduce change it is necessary to be open to questioning and skepticism. Skepticism requires critical thinking on how do we know what we know is true. The electronic age began with the fall … Continue reading

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